Calvarese Analyses Contested Events in Salernitana-Juve Match

Gianpaolo Calvarese, former referee, provided his usual analysis on the incidents from the Serie A match between Salernitana and Juve at Arechi as reported by Tuttosport.

The analysis relayed two controversial situations that took place in Salernitana’s penalty area. The first happened just seconds into the game when Yildiz fell after contact with Daniliuc. Calvarese stated, “The Salernitana midfielder didn’t do anything to provoke a penalty, but the Turkish player was quicker and gained an advantage. It was a big risk but it was right not to award a penalty.”

Calvarese added his analysis on the second incident between Gyomber and Vlahovic. “The Slovakian defender cleverly irritated the striker with a high-level contact, at the level of the hip. It was also right not to award a penalty here, especially considering the standard set by the referee from Campania.”

Disciplinary sanctions were also handled correctly, according to Calvarese. The most disputed was the caution issued to Gatti for fouling Legowski. Calvarese expressed, “Salernitana complained about a missed red card. The defender first hits the ball, then slides on the ankle and withdraws his leg. The prerequisites for a red card, that is, intensity and speed, were lacking.”

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