Calciari reports Catanzaro’s decision on Veroli’s future

Davide Veroli will return to Cagliari.

Catanzaro, despite the player’s 32 appearances this season, has decided not to exercise the option to buy him.

The class of 2003 player has nonetheless completed a season in which he was a key figure.

“Veroli has shown remarkable development during his time here,” said a source close to Catanzaro’s management, reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Now, therefore, Veroli is set to rejoin Cagliari.

The decision by Catanzaro comes as the club gears up for their next campaign in Serie B.

Despite the decision not to retain him, the young defender’s future remains bright given his impressive performances.

Cagliari will now assess Veroli’s role in the squad as they plan for the upcoming season.

Whether he will feature regularly or be loaned out again is a decision yet to be made by the management at Cagliari.

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