Cagliari’s Ranieri: Lapadula’s value needs assessment, Napoli is going very strong

Cagliari head coach Claudio Ranieri has held a press conference ahead of the team’s clash against Napoli, scheduled for Saturday at 6pm.

Ranieri noted the strengths of Napoli’s gameplay, stating, “Their characteristics are linked to their game. They have started playing well again under Mazzarri. They have combinations at full speed, otherwise they wouldn’t have won the Scudetto. They have players who can make the difference, and whoever comes in is an added starter.”

He also touched upon player Lapadula’s condition, revealing, “Today he trained separately. I will assess his condition with the doctor tomorrow. He always says he’s doing well, but I don’t even ask him anymore.”

Keep an eye on updates leading up to the match on Cagliari News 24.

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