Cagliari reportedly pursuing double signing from Inter: Latest updates

Cagliari’s transfer market activity has reached a crucial phase.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, the Sardinian club is keen to acquire Gaetano Oristanio and Pio Esposito from Inter.

However, the situation is far from straightforward.

Oristanio reportedly prefers a move to Venezia.

A source close to the negotiation stated, “Oristanio sees greater opportunities for his development at Venezia,” as quoted by Il Corriere dello Sport.

Meanwhile, Esposito’s stance remains uncertain.

Cagliari’s management are still optimistic about their chances.

“The club believes both players can make significant contributions this season,” an insider within the Cagliari management commented.

It remains to be seen how these potential moves will unfold.

Negotiations are ongoing, and fans will be eagerly awaiting further developments.

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