Cagliari, Ranieri laments failure to score in the first half

Cagliari’s manager, Claudio Ranieri, spoke out following the team’s defeat against Hellas Verona. Speaking to DAZN, Ranieri expressed his thoughts on the match.

One of the points of contention was a disallowed goal. Ranieri said, “We were close to unlocking the game several times in the first half, initially with the post and then with the goal that was disallowed for offside. I want to understand.” He also seemed to suggest there was confusion about the offside ruling, questioning whether part of the arm, not even the shoulder, had been offside, and saying he “wants to understand where I’m wrong.”

Ranieri also commented on Makoumbou’s performance. He admitted worrying about the player being too aggressive and getting a yellow card. “I asked him if he was affected by the yellow card because I had already seen that there was another entry. He told me no, so I trusted him because otherwise I would have changed him,” Ranier shared.

Ranieri also expressed regret about the handling of the first half. He points out that they should have scored but, despite that setback, they played well. “The biggest regret? The management of the first half was good; we had to score. Unfortunately, we failed but were playing well. We were in the game and wanted to end on a positive note,” he stated.

Finally, Ranieri lamented the jeers aimed at Makoumbou, saying, “It’s a shame to hear the chants against Makoumbou because it’s become a habit.”

Despite the defeat, Ranieri conceded positively: “We return home with a satisfying game until the expulsion and then after the expulsion kudos to Verona.” He felt that the red card was a turning point in the game, and altered the dynamics of the match in Verona’s favour.

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