Cagliari, Ranieri: Expected more from Jankto, hints at market moves

Cagliari FC’s coach Claudio Ranieri has shared his thoughts ahead of the team’s upcoming match against Lecce scheduled for Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference, Ranieri highlighted the club’s current position in the transfer market, indicating a need for strategic sales first, a situation shared with at least ten to fifteen Serie A clubs.

Ranieri stated, “First, we need to sell, just like another ten, fifteen clubs in Serie A at least. This means we need to sell some players and then we can start buying. We should be doing positive business by selling first and then buying cheaper. This is all.” This statement comes from a press conference as reported by Cagliari News 24.

On a slightly disappointing note, Ranieri expressed his expectations regarding Jakub Jankto, whom he admitted has not lived up to the mark. He revealed, “From Jankto, I expected more. Today, he has not trained because he has a fever.” The latter part of the statement gives an insight into Jankto’s health conditions and may reveal why the player has not been on the top of his game.

With these comments, Ranieri has shown his tactical approach towards the business aspect of the club’s operations while also shedding light on player performance and fitness.

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