Cagliari: Ranieri announces Lapadula remains out, updates on Nandez

Cagliari’s Manager, Claudio Ranieri, has voiced his stance ahead of the impending match against Bologna.

Ranieri was quoted in a press conference stating, “With this flu, some have had to stop while others are returning. Mancosu and Lapadula, along with customary injured players, are unavailable. Desogus has had his initial training with us and will be on the bench.” These comments were carried by Calcio News 24.

He further spoke about the possibility of Nandez being played further forward. He said, “I spoke with him. I’m not concerned about his contract. What matters to me is that he trains well and gives his all. He invigorates the entire team and takes on the responsibility. Sometimes he can be slightly non-tactical, but there needs to be someone to back him when he takes his daring moves.”

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