Cagliari holds less than enviable record

Cagliari’s midfielder, Antoine Makoumbou, leads a less than enviable individual league table, following his expulsion against Verona at the recent Serie A clash.

This season of 2023-24 sees a Cagliari player alone at the top of one particular statistic: red cards. Makoumbou is on top of this unfortunate ranking.

The previous round of Serie A games saw a total of four players sent off: Politano and Osimhen at the Olympico in Roma-Napoli; Banda in Inter-Lecce; and Cagliari’s Makoumbou in Verona. However, unlike the rest who were first-time offenders, the Congolese player is a repeat offender. He’s the only one to have received two red cards so far in the initial part of the tournament.

That Makoumbou’s tally stands at two while others are at one, places him atop this unfortunate leaderboard for now. Regardless, as the season progresses, eyes will undoubtedly be trained on players walking the disciplinary tightrope in the Serie A.

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