Buffon remembers Vialli: Forever in our hearts, legend missed

A year following the death of Gianluca Vialli, former Italian national team goalkeeper Gigi Buffon has put to paper a touching tribute to his fellow player.

Writing on social media, Buffon, the former Juventus ‘keeper, remembered the ex-Bianconeri goalscorer in a heartfelt post. Buffon hailed Vialli as a “blue legend” and also paid tribute to his intelligence and youthful humour, all characteristics that had endeared the late forward to his fans and compatriots.

This tribute, seen by many as an indication of the genuine camaraderie that existed in the Italian dressing room during their time together, encapsulates Buffon’s respect and affection for Vialli.

The exact quote from Buffon’s post reads, “Blue legend, an intruder in the background – Gigi Buffon! Bomber, we miss you entirely. In the national team and to all those who loved and understood your beauty. In my heart, I always carry your intelligent and youthful humor. Goodbye, Luca.”

This is not the first time Buffon has spoken about Vialli since the latter’s death. Yet, this latest tribute seems to carry an extra layer of poignancy as the football world reflects on Vialli’s career and legacy a year after his passing.

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