Buffon on Kvará: ‘He is as deserving of the Ballon d’Or as Haaland and Mbappé’

Gianluigi Buffon, head of the national team, spoke at the presentation of the book Kvaradona. A Georgian miracle.
Buffon said, “I don’t want to be banal, but having experienced the dressing rooms, I know that if you don’t know firsthand what is being created, what the coach is able to give, it is difficult to judge.”
He added, “Repeating is always more difficult, especially in an environment that is not used to it. Last year Napoli played on the wave of enthusiasm and there was a distance with passive rivals, thanks to Napoli. Now we have started from scratch and at times the energy is not the same as before.”
Buffon also commented, “He intrigued me right away, he immediately made an impact in Italy. Physically he reminds me of Lentini, that type of player. Perhaps Lentini was more linear, in long runs, the Georgian in dribbling, in movements has abilities that I have seen in very few players.”
He continued, “When there was talk of the Ballon d’Or in relation to Kvara it is telling the truth. Obviously, he will have to find the right situation, as a talent he can compete with the likes of Mbappè and Haaland.”

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