Buffon on Kvara: “He deserves Ballon d’Or like Haaland and Mbappé”

Gianluigi Buffon, the head of the Italian national team, shared his thoughts on the rising star Kvaratskhelia during the presentation of the book “Kvaradona. A Georgian miracle”.

Buffon noted that as someone who has spent time in the changing rooms, it’s difficult to judge a player without experiencing first-hand what the coach is creating. He added, “Repeating success is always more difficult, especially in an environment not accustomed to it.”

The former goalkeeper expressed his intrigue with Kvaratskhelia’s immediate impact in Italy and highlighted his physical resemblance to Lentini, but with superior dribbling skills and movement.

Buffon also acknowledged the truth behind the speculation linking Kvaratskhelia to the Ballon d’Or, saying, “When people talk about the Ballon d’Or in relation to Kvaratskhelia, they are telling the truth.”

In conclusion, Buffon mentioned that Kvaratskhelia, as a talented player, has the potential to compete with the likes of Mbappè and Haaland, but will need to find the right situation to fulfill his potential.

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