Bucciantini: Low scoring in Serie A worrying

Highly renowned sports journalist, Marco Bucciantini, has offered a comprehensive analysis on the performance of Serie A teams in the first half of the season. His editorial piece appeared in La Gazetta dello Sport.

Acknowledging the 2023 season, Bucciantini writes, “The year ended with a day devoid of what makes this game essential – the goal. 14 goals were scored in ten varied matches, some of which were rather bland, while others were more lively. However, none of them were satisfactory with Udinese, delivering the best performance of the round, and Lazio, the only team capable of overturning the result, collecting almost half the spoils. Our main issue seems to be boredom.”

His critique continues to highlight how the Serie A has seen a drop in goal scoring after a few confident years. “This tournament confirms and exaggerates a recent tendency: few goals can go a long way,” remarks Bucciantini.

Drawing attention to the league’s front-runner, he continues, “The league leader is the least beaten team (Inter), but that’s insignificant to this piece’s direction as the impression of their strength goes beyond, their goal difference (+34) is enormous. It speaks of a broad and abundant search.”

He also praises the strategic moves of Juventus that have helped the team convert a precarious scoring situation into verdant success. He says, “Their marginal advantage over Juventus (but the huge lead over the rest) validates the Bianconeri’s project that, precisely, have turned a precarious score situation into a marble monument.”

However, Bucciantini also voices his query for the lean goal-scoring trend in Serie A. He wonders, “Whether this widespread sterility is due to a grown and elaborate defensive phase or a disappointing and timid attack phase, or due to inadequate performers, we can hope for the return of goals in the leap year.”

Essentially, Bucciantini concludes that the thrilling uncertainties, the rollercoaster ride of emotions, the stories of trials and triumphs—altogether form the zeitgeist of football which fans around the globe keenly anticipate. And he hopes that the essence and fascination attached to the game will continue to bring fans together, marking its incontestable place in the world of sports.

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