British Reports Confirm Jorginho’s Future Football Destination

Jorginho is set to bid farewell to Arsenal on a free transfer, with firm rumours from England concerning his future. British tabloids are already confident about his next destination, even though the transfer market has not yet officially begun.

Jorginho will leave Arsenal at the end of this season, coinciding with the expiration of his contract. This news has been reported by numerous sources including the renowned football portal and various British tabloids. They anticipate his next destination, even without the official opening of the transfer market.

“As per our sources and reports across British tabloids, it is confirmed that Jorginho will make his exit from Arsenal at the end of this season. And they seem already certain of his next destination, despite the transfer window not even being opened yet,” a statement from a known football portal.

Further details on the anticipated transfer will follow in due course as the situation continues to develop. Stay tuned for additional insights and the possible new home of the Arsenal midfielder Jorginho.

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