Brazil Football Federation president fired, could alter Ancelotti’s future

There is a sense of unease in the Brazilian Football Confederation following the conclusion of Brasilerão, which saw Palmeiras triumph and Santos relegated. The federation finds itself confronting an unexpected shift in direction. What is making headlines is the news about federal president Ednaldo Rodrigues, who, according to Globoesporte, has been removed from his role by a court ruling.

Ednaldo Rodrigues became interim president in August 2021 when the former head of the Brazilian football federation was forced to resign following sexual harassment allegations. His term would have expired in April 2023, but in March 2022, Rodrigues sidestepped this expiry through an agreement with the Rio de Janeiro Attorney General’s office. This agreement was meant to enable him to be elected as the president permanently as the sole candidate.

However, the co-vice presidents of the Brazilian Football Confederation and a Court ruling have officially declared the agreement as illegitimate, putting Rodigues’ presidency under question.

This upheaval also has implications for the future of Carlo Ancelotti, who had found in Ednaldo Rodrigues a main supporter for his possible approach to take over Brazil’s national team’s coaching seat in 2024. With Rodrigues’ future uncertain, so are Ancelotti’s prospects.

It is crucial to note that Rodrigues has a 30-day period to appeal against the decision and possibly overturn the court’s ruling.

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