Braga, Horta: We need to win by two goals tomorrow, we’re very positive

In a recent press conference, André Horta, the Braga midfielder, discussed the upcoming UEFA Champions League clash against Napoli.

Sharing his team’s ambition, he acknowledged the importance of the upcoming match. André Horta said, “We are very proud of the journey we’ve made so far; tomorrow we need to win by two goals. We’re very positive.”

Following the sentiment of this quote revealed at the press conference, he emphasized his team’s courage and the ambition to carry it into the next match.

Discussing the pressure of such a potentially historic match, Horta commented on managing potential anxiety within the team. He noted that even though some players may be more nervous, there are experienced players in the squad who can help manage this among the younger ones.

Despite the pressure, he assured fans, saying: “We are calm because if we’re here, it’s because we’ve done well so far.” Horta also stressed on aiming for the championship and reflected a bit of humor concerning his past injuries while playing at the Maradona.

Maintaining a positive approach towards the game, Horta added: “Tomorrow we will play to win because we need a victory”.

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