Brachino on Napoli: Wasted efforts of months in a short time

Renowned journalist Claudio Brachino has voiced his opinion on the current state of Napoli football club and the drastic changes seen compared to the previous season.

During an interview with Sportitalia, Brachino was critical of the management and the team’s performance. He held the club’s president responsible for the downturn in the team’s fortunes.

“Much of the blame lies with the club’s president,” Strachino exclaimed.

Highlighting a notable loss for Napoli, Brachino mentioned, “You have removed a reward from the Coppa Italia.”

The journalist further pointed out the lack of excuses that could be directed towards the management. He stated, “There’s no longer any excuse of the second coach. Now, you have Mazzarri. There is an issue with the mentality of the team.”

According to Brachino, the club is suffering from an identity crisis. It is clear that he believes the club has squandered the foundations it had previously built. “There is a problem of identity. This team has squandered everything it had built in a few months”, Brachino pointed out in his conversation with Sportitalia.

These comments from Brachino underline the growing concerns around Napoli’s form and management as they navigate through the current season.

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