Bonucci: Almost joined City in 2016 but chose to stay with Juve

Leonardo Bonucci, former Juventus defender, has detailed the circumstances surrounding his stalled move to Manchester City in 2016 in an interview with The Sun.

In 2016, Bonucci and Manchester City were reportedly close to a deal. Bonucci said, “They offered nearly 100 million to Juventus but in conjunction with the club, we decided to continue.” This indicates that although there were considerations for a move to the Premier League club, the defender and his Italian team decided not to go forward with the transfer.

There were reports of potential transfers in 2017 as well, after Juventus showed a willingness to sell him. Bonucci conveyed, “Being coached by Guardiola would have been a great achievement because it would have improved me.” The defender, however, does not begrudge his decision as he has had a successful career with Juventus, securing many trophies, individual awards, and European titles.

Staying with Juventus was mostly heart-driven, according to Bonucci. He confessed, “I’ve always let my heart dictate, that’s why I stayed at Juventus.” Despite the impressive offers from top clubs, the centre-back’s loyalty to his Italian club remained undeterred, further commenting on the deep affection he holds for the club and insisting on his happiness at Juventus.

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