Bonaventura Suggests Fiorentina Took Offence, Hints They Were Mainly Focused on Juve

Enzo Raiola, the agent of Giacomo Bonaventura, has discussed the failed transfer negotiations between Fiorentina and Juventus in an interview with SportMediaset.

“In regard to Juventus and Bonaventura, I prefer to remain silent,” Raiola revealed. “I want to discuss with the player to understand what he wants for his future. I don’t feel like talking about Fiorentina, I will do so when the time comes and when this ordeal is over, the situation is unclear, we’re dealing with touchy people, I don’t want to talk about it. We will discuss it once this situation is resolved. My phone is on, I think only mine is switched on, while others are contemplating other matters. Bonaventura is continuing his journey, we’re talking about a 100% professional, he has no issues, we will discuss it with him later. It’s still premature, when the time is right we will confront them, and we will inform you.”

No further news or comment was provided on the situation. For more news on Juventus, follow the link here.

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