Bologna’s Motta reported by Prosecutor for comments against VAR

In the latest updates on the situation involving Bologna manager, Thiago Motta, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has referred Motta for his comments against VAR official Nasca. Motta had reportedly voiced his grievances following a penalty awarded to Lecce in their recent Serie A encounter.

Yet, it appears Bologna does not anticipate a suspension for their coach, but rather a potential financial penalty. The verdict on this matter is expected to be delivered around Christmas. This development follows complaints made by Motta regarding the contentious penalty decision that impacted their match against Lecce.

The Bologna club’s confidence in avoiding a disciplinary suspension suggests they consider Motta’s lamentations justified, perhaps pinpointing their frustration at the controversial and potentially game-altering decision. As the verdict looms, fans and critics alike will be focused on the ramifications this decision could have on future conduct and discourse towards match officials in Serie A.

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