Bologna’s Motta: Injustices hurt, let’s look forward

Bologna’s manager, Thiago Motta, discussed the upcoming league match against Salernitana at a press conference.

Motta acknowledged his team had opportunities to seal the game earlier but insisted they deserved to come out on top due to their performance throughout the 90/100 minutes of the match.

“We had the opportunities to close it earlier but we still would have deserved to win it for how we played those 90/100 minutes of the game,” Motta said.

He emphasized the need for the team to continue working hard and learning to exploit opportunities. Motta recognised that their shortcoming is their failure to score more goals than the opponent, a feat they manage to achieve in home games.

“Unjust outcomes greatly upset me, to leave them behind we must do well on Sunday,” Motta noted.

This suggests a serious tone of self-evaluation from the Bologna manager as he navigates the challenges presented by the highly competitive nature of the league.

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