Bologna’s Freuler says victory is all that matters; Champions League not a goal yet

Bologna’s midfielder, Remo Freuler, shed light on his team’s impressive victory against Atalanta at home in a discussion with DAZN.

He expressed his satisfaction with their performance, saying, “When you win, everything is okay. Today we played well and also suffered because we played against a strong team. It was an open match, ultimately good for us.”

Still, taking the top spot in the league standings wasn’t something Freuler had anticipated. “Honestly, no, but now we are there and we play our hand. Nice group and coach with clear ideas, we want to move forward,” Freuler commented, offering insight into the team’s cohesive nature and focus on their strategies.

Asked about his personal contribution to the team, the modest midfielder simply stated, “I do my part, trying to give my best and always help the team.”

Despite an impressive run, Freuler made it clear that a Champions League target isn’t their focus at the moment. “Not yet, we’re not even halfway through the season. We must keep our feet on the ground,” he cautioned, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a realistic perspective.

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