Bologna’s De Leo: Zirkzee headed to top club soon, Orsolini has been ready for years

Emilio De Leo, former assistant coach of Bologna, was recently interviewed by Tv Play where he discussed two of Bologna’s key players: Zirkzee and Orsolini.

De Leo expressed that Zirkzee was already a considerable talent when he joined Bologna. Highlighting that Zirkzee needed to find continuity to enhance his condition, he said, “he still needs to mature, but he is undertaking an impressive journey.” De Leo hinted that Zirkzee might have a significant opportunity in the near future, though he didn’t specify when this might be.

Turning to the topic of Orsolini, with whom De Leo maintains a unique rapport, the former assistant coach proclaimed that he’s been ready for a move to a larger club for a few years now. The right setting could truly leverage his strengths, as De Leo affirmed, “He could represent a valuable resource in the right context.”

These insightful observations make apparent De Leo’s deep understanding of the up-and-coming talent in Bologna’s ranks, shedding light on the potential futures of these two promising athletes.

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