Bologna’s Calafiori: Fundamental direct clash with Roma

Bologna defender and ex-Roma player, Riccardo Calafiori, recently spoke out ahead of the planned match against Roma. He shared his thoughts in an interview with Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport.

Calafiori emphasised the importance of the upcoming weeks, hinting towards a series of consequential games on the horizon. “We are there. With this week, but then also with the next ones, we begin a series of key games,” he said.

Strikingly, he denied setting any long-term goals, choosing to focus on each game as they come instead. “We do not set long-range objectives. We look at the games one by one. This one with Roma is critical because, unavoidably, it’s a head-on clash.”

Regarding his past in Roma, he made a clear statement. He stressed that despite not denying his past, he would treat the game against Roma no different from others. However, he didn’t neglect underlining its significance. His direct quote was, “I do not deny my past, but I must prepare for it as a game like any other.”

These comments provide a valuable insight and hint at a healthy focus of the young defender towards his upcoming pivotal series. It also shows an increased desire of the whole Bologna’s side to give their best in the upcoming events. He remains a player to watch during the forthcoming match between Bologna and Roma.

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