Bologna: Zirkzee named AIC’s December Player of the Month

Bologna’s striker, Joshua Zirkzee, has been named the Serie A Player of the Month for December by the Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC).

In an official statement, the AIC announced, “Joshua Zirkzee has claimed the Player of the Month award for the second consecutive time in Serie A. The Dutch forward is one of the main attractions in our league, and December has only heightened this impression.”

Bologna have registered three wins out of five matches played, with their loss to Udinese marking their second defeat of the season’s first half. Zirkzee has played a decisive role in all of the team’s victories, with his skills on display both in his forward movements and in his wall play. His various displays of skill, including impressive heel shots, were all on showcase.

In the match against Salernitana, Zirkzee scored twice, further emphasizing his significant contribution to the team. Rather than just being considered a team player predominantly focused on the manoeuvring tactics of the match, the standout performance at Arechi unveiled a different facet of the Bologna striker’s game, showcasing his knack for finalising plays.

The official award from AIC comes as a tribute to Zirkzee’s remarkable contribution to his team’s success during December, highlighting his growing importance in Serie A.

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