Bologna, Thiago Motta says hes surprised by these results

Bologna’s head coach, Thiago Motta, spoke ahead of the league challenge against Fiorentina. The details of his statements were shared during a press conference. Motta dismissed the idea of the upcoming match being a classic, stating, “I don’t think so, I was thinking about the next training session, I’m not one of those who say we haven’t done anything yet… but there is still a long way to go.” He acknowledged the team’s achievements so far, saying, “We’ve done some extraordinary things. But now I imagine tomorrow, to prepare for the Fiorentina game at the best, I don’t think about a month or three months ahead, I can’t do that. I think about the next game that is in front of us.”

The source of the direct speech is Thiago Motta, the head coach of Bologna, who made the statements during a press conference.

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