Bologna, Thiago Motta: I didn’t expect these results

Bologna coach Thiago Motta has shared his thoughts ahead of the upcoming match against Fiorentina. Speaking at a press conference, Motta addressed the team’s progress and the upcoming challenge. According to Motta, “I don’t think about the past, I think about the next training session. I’m not someone who says we haven’t achieved anything yet… there is still a lot missing. We have done extraordinary things so far. But now I imagine tomorrow, to prepare for the match against Fiorentina, I don’t think about a month or three months, I can’t do that. I think about the next match that is in front of us.”

Motta’s comments emphasize the importance of staying focused on the present and the immediate future. “It’s all about preparing for the next game,” he stressed.

This approach reflects the coach’s commitment to taking each match as it comes and not getting ahead of himself. The Bologna squad will undoubtedly be looking to implement Motta’s mentality as they prepare to face Fiorentina in the upcoming fixture.

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