Bologna, Thiago Motta: Great positive energy in the city

Thiago Motta, Bologna’s head coach, has held a press conference ahead of the upcoming Coppa Italia match against Inter Milan.

Asked about the upcoming round, Motta said: “Tomorrow, we are playing against the Champions League finalists, a serious contender for the title, and we’re going to play our game.”

Discussing his team selection, Motta indirectly implied that he would opt for those in the group who are in the best overall condition, even including those who did not feature in the last match.

On the magnitude of the fixture – between the leading team and the fourth-placed one – he expressed delight, terming it as an opportunity to compete on a historic pitch, against a serious title contender.

Upon being asked about managing Bologna, he redirected the question to others, simply stating that they do what they know best, attempting to compete and bring home the best possible result.

When asked whether Bologna reflects his style as a player, Motta spoke highly of coaches he has worked with in his career, including Gasperini, Mourinho, Van Gaal and Ancelotti, emphasising his deep respect and admiration for them.

Motta refuted the suggestion that the Coppa Italia competition is anti-democratic and shifted the focus on his team’s preparation and performance, leaving stakeholders to make any necessary changes.

In response to any lingering injury concerns, Motta confirmed all players have recovered and prepared well for the upcoming fixture.

Musing on the rising city-wide enthusiasm, Motta acknowledged the positive energy and enthusiasm, attributing the team’s success to the player’s commitment and hard work. With regard to player Ndoye, Motta asserted his good form and significant technical and physical assets.

Despite Marko Arnautovic’s departure, Motta wished him well – except for the upcoming match. He also reflected on his interaction with referee Guida, admitting his previous conduct was wrong and that he apologised.

Last but not least, Motta praised Freuler’s progression and communication skills on the field, and briefly discussed his casual conversation with the club president about holidays and Christmas. Finally, he shot down the idea of an earpiece to communicate more rapidly with players, emphasising their need for freedom in communication and decision-making.

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