Bologna, Sartori Discovers Talents from Bygone Days

In Bologna, there is a dream of reaching the European arena once again, after a lengthy hiatus of 25 years. Thiago Motta is undeniably the architect on the pitch, but the true mastermind behind the scenes is Sartori.

Sartori arrived at the red-and-blue club, also known as Rossobl├╣, after achieving substantial results at Atalanta. He is perceived as a diligent figure in talent-searching, relying not on technology such as Whatsapp but on his keen eye for talent. Sartori’s hands-on approach involves visiting various football fields and meticulously assessing different player profiles.

The impacts of Sartori’s work are becoming increasingly evident in Bologna, making the European dream seem not so far-fetched anymore. Italian sports newspaper, Tuttosport, certainly seems to be sharing this sentiment.

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