Bologna reportedly planning major reinforcements and considering new coach

The Bologna management has embarked on a dual mission in the transfer market: finding a replacement for Thiago Motta and bolstering the squad.

Transfer market activities commenced in Bologna today, focusing on building the team for the upcoming season and appointing the new head coach.

Joey Saputo, the club’s president, arrived in the city today, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Sources close to the club suggest that the search for Motta’s successor is the priority, but simultaneously, efforts are being intensified to secure key signings to strengthen the squad.

“Finding the right coach is crucial for our ambitions next season,” a club insider told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Reports indicate that a shortlist of potential candidates has already been drawn up, with interviews expected to start imminently.

On the player front, Bologna’s scouts are actively pursuing several targets, aiming to enhance the team’s competitive edge.

“We are committed to bringing in top talents who can make an immediate impact,” another source within the club stated.

The atmosphere in Bologna is one of anticipation as fans and stakeholders eagerly await the forthcoming announcements and developments.

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