Bologna, Motta: Market? We need to acquire a phenomenon

Ahead of the Coppa Italia showdown between Bologna and Fiorentina, Bologna’s coach Thiago Motta has spoken out about his team’s plans in the transfer market.

In a press conference, Motta reportedly mentioned that internal discussions over potential new signings for the squad have already taken place. He highlighted that there are two priority names on their list. “We have already talked internally. There are two names that are the priority, two names that have been given to the club to be able to maintain the level of this team and continue to compete until the end of this season,” Motta stated.

He enigmatically hinted at the potential versatility of the players under consideration, suggesting they could provide different possibilities on the field and cover various roles. Motta is evidently looking to keep up the competition both within the team and externally, aiming for these players to enrich the squad, and execute a variety of tasks.

The Bologna coach further indicated that while his ideal signing would be a versatile player, he would also be delighted to sign an outstanding player who specialises in just one role. He conveyed that any unidimensional player joining the squad would need to be exceptional, leaving the followers curious to identify those potential signings.

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