Bologna, Lykogiannis: Europa? We need to stay focused…

Bologna defender Charalampos Lykogiannis has expressed his thoughts on the team’s goals in an interview with Radio TV Serie A.

Speaking on the radio, Lykogiannis said, “I am very happy, we are having a good championship and we want to continue like this. Now we are preparing for the game on Sunday in Florence, which will not be easy. I want to do well. But we don’t want to think about Europe right now, we are staying grounded and focusing on doing our best game after game. If Bologna goes to Europe, I will dye my hair red and blue.”

Regarding his relationship with the team’s coach, Thiago Motta, Lykogiannis mentioned, “I have a great relationship with Thiago Motta: we are doing well as a group. He is a great coach, just as he was a great player; he is very intelligent in managing the team, he makes us work a lot, and we have to keep going like this. It was very important to talk with Thiago Motta this summer. He told me what he thinks of me and I have tried to show my worth, continuing to work for this team.”

These words from Lykogiannis reflect the determination and focus within the Bologna camp as they continue to strive for success in Serie A.

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