Bologna, Lykogiannis: “Europa? We must stay focused…”

Bologna defender Charalampos Lykogiannis has spoken about the team’s objectives in an interview with Radio TV Serie A.
Lykogiannis stated, “I am very happy, we are having a good season and we want to continue like this. Now we are preparing for Sunday’s match in Florence, which won’t be easy. I am eager to do well. However, we don’t want to think about Europe now, let’s keep our feet on the ground and focus on doing our best game by game. If Bologna goes to Europe, I will dye my hair red and blue. I have a great relationship with Thiago Motta: we are doing well as a group. He is a great coach, as he was a great player; he is very smart in managing the team, he makes us work a lot, we have to continue like this. It was very important to talk to Thiago Motta this summer. He told me what he thinks of me and I tried to prove my worth by continuing to work for this team.”

These comments from Lykogiannis shed light on the team’s approach and mindset as they navigate the season. It is clear that the focus is on taking each game as it comes and maintaining a grounded attitude, despite the potential for European qualification. The close relationship between the defender and coach Thiago Motta also hints at a cohesive and united team effort.

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