Bologna, Di Vaio: Foundations are set for Motta’s renewal, suggests future potential

In the run-up to the Coppa Italia match between Bologna and Inter, Bologna’s sporting director Marco Di Vaio offered some comments to Sportmediaset.

Di Vaio revealed, “The coach is focused on this important moment, then we will sit down to plan the future together. There are no deadlines, we have been working together for almost two years. We know the coach, there is every basis to talk and find a solution for the future. Now we think about the present”.

This suggests that while discussions surrounding a potential contract extension for Thiago Motta remain on the table, the primary focus for Bologna at present is their impending Coppa Italia fixture. As reported by Di Vaio, two years of successful collaboration between Motta and the Bologna board should serve as a solid foundation to work towards mutually agreeable terms in the future.

For the time being though, the club’s immediate objectives take precedence.

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