Bologna devise summer strategy focusing on Calafiori and other key players

Bologna is adopting a strict policy regarding their transfer dealings, especially concerning Riccardo Calafiori. As with the rest of the team, the rule is straightforward: “pay the money, see the camel.”

When discussing Bologna and the transfer market, the focus often shifts to potential departures of the rossoblu players.

However, it is essential to consider the intentions of Saputo’s team. More specifically, one must take a closer look at the plans of Director Giovanni Sartori.

“The aim is to make sure that any player leaving the club will do so only if the right offer is made,” Sartori stated, as reported by local sources.

This strategy underscores Bologna’s determination to maintain a strong squad unless sufficiently compensated.

It remains to be seen how Saputo’s approach will influence the upcoming transfer window and the prospective moves of Bologna’s players.

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