Bisseck: I’m Very Happy to Play for Inter

Inter Milan’s central defender Yann Bisseck spoke to Sportitalia following the Nerazzurri’s victory over Lecce.

Expressing high confidence in his abilities, Bisseck suggested “there must be some reason” he was brought to Inter. The sentiment was shared in detail with Sportitalia during the post-match interview.

Bisseck stated he feels well and expressed happiness at having been given the opportunity to demonstrate his skills. He hopes to be given more chances like this in future.

It’s interesting to note that Bisseck, now a central defender, used to play midfielder in his younger days. Bisseck further stated that his primary interest is being on the pitch, with less importance given to where on the field he plays.

“I’m very happy to be playing with Inter,” Bisseck concluded, expressing his contentment with his position in the team. His sentiments captured the confidence and fortitude instilled within the team, indicative of the positive atmosphere at Inter following their win against Lecce.

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