Bild names Sommer as Goalkeeper of the Year: Not just for clean sheets

Inter Milan goalkeeper, Yann Sommer, recently honoured as the top Bundesliga goalkeeper of the last season by Bild, has shared his insight into the season and what it means to him.

Speaking on his unforgettable season, he said, “I would do everything exactly the same way again. My six months with Bayern Munich were very good for me, culminating in the championship win.” As the very words of Sommer suggest, the Swiss star credits Borussia Moenchengladbach for harbouring him during his formative years and offering him a significant opportunity.

However, he admitted the need for change at some point in his career was something he communicated openly with the club. His time in Bavaria stands as a positive phase where he learned much that he wishes not to forget. Yet, he acknowledged, “Then we had a difficult period; it’s true. There were some changes within the club. And there were criticisms of the team and of me too.”

Later, Sommer went on to bear light on the importance of keeping a clean sheet, the ultimate accolade for goalkeepers. He highlighted, “It’s always important for goalkeepers, but obviously there’s much more to it. We defend our goal with great passion. Defense plays an important role in training and analysis.” He gave credit to Inzaghi, stating that the coach also gives great importance to the defense.

In summary, being named the best goalkeeper of the past season in Bundesliga is a testament to Sommer’s tenacity, skill, and important role he played with his team. The recognition conjures a reflection on his career trajectory, flags the challenges he faced, and underlines his dedication to defense, a significant part of football often granted secondary importance. Sommer’s words resonate with ambition and gratitude alike, hinting at a promising season ahead.

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