Bianco’s Agent States He Is Returning to Florence to Stay

Alessandro Bianco is set to return to Fiorentina after a loan spell at Reggiana, where he showcased his abilities.

His agent, Beppe Galli, discussed Bianco’s future with SportItalia.

Galli stated, “Alessandro has had a fantastic experience at Reggiana, and it has been vital for his development.”

He continued, “The loan spell allowed him to gain valuable playing time and demonstrate his qualities on the pitch.”

Galli expressed confidence in Bianco’s readiness to make a mark at Fiorentina.

“He is now returning to Fiorentina with more experience and maturity,” Galli noted. “We are optimistic about his prospects and believe he can contribute significantly to the team.”

SportItalia’s coverage highlighted the positive impact of Bianco’s time at Reggiana on his career trajectory.

As the summer transfer window approaches, fans will be eager to see how Bianco’s reintegration into the Fiorentina squad unfolds.

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