Betting, Corona: Those threatening lawsuits tried to purchase evidence

Fabrizio Corona has found himself embroiled in the ongoing betting scandal. Speaking outside the Milan courthouse, where he was awaiting a decision on applying special surveillance to him, he reignites the betting case.

“The same individuals who have ended up in the newspapers and said that they would sue, have tried to purchase gambling evidence from me through criminal individuals. We have reported this to the prosecutor’s office,” Corona stated in remarks obtained by LaPresse, indirectly alleging involvement of Roman underworld figures.

The betting scandal continues to evolve, as Corona implicates unnamed individuals who had threatened to sue him, in an attempt to acquire damning evidence related to the case. These alarming claims have been reported to the prosecutor’s office, adding another layer of complexity to this ongoing investigation. The identities of these individuals and their connection to the Roman criminal world, as alleged by Corona, have yet to be revealed.

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