BEST OF 2023: Vincenzo D’Amico and his endless dribbling skills

Vincenzo D’Amico, an ex-centre midfielder and star of Lazio’s historic first Scudetto, has been paid tribute following his passing. D’Amico, who departed the life stage too soon, is fondly remembered not only for his stirring performance on the pitch but also for the charm and wit he displayed as a football commentator. Despite his off-the-field career, his memory, for many, is inextricably linked to his joy and love for the game.

Lazio fans will recall a particularly poignant moment on 9th January 2000. The then team descended onto the pitch, defeating Bologna, marking the completion of Lazio’s first century with the heroes of the 1974 Scudetto win. Unbeknownst to them, the second Scudetto win was not too far away. Joining in the celebrations were the stars of the first Scudetto – a unity that captures the essence of the club.

According to ‘Il Messaggero’, as retold by Clemente J.Mimun, this day was more than just a grand reunion with Pulici, Petrelli, Martini, Wilson, Nanni, Chinaglia, Garlaschelli, D’Amico, Fiorini, Acerbis and others; it was an emotional journey. Mimun was quoted as saying, “I’m not a sentimental person, I understand, like all fans and those who work in the industry, the laws of the market and globalisation. Yet, this delightful homecoming boosted my spirits, seeing the tears in the eyes of the North curve as the names of Lenzini, Maestrelli, Re Cecconi and Frustalupi were mentioned felt touching.”

Undoubtedly, the passing of Vincenzo D’Amico has triggered a widespread recognition of the invincible influence he had on the club and on football, a sentiment that echoes in the tributes flowing for this irreplaceable figure.

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