Bernardeschi: Seeing Juve’s DNA resurge, Scudetto? Battle until the end

Former Juventus player Federico Bernardeschi has offered his thoughts on the current state of the Italian football champions during a live Instagram session for Sport Mediaset.

Doubling down on his loyalty for Juventus, Bernardeschi is quoted as saying, “I always like Juve. I like them even more this year because they are high in the rankings and do honour to the coach, the company, the players and the fans.”

Bernardeschi also highlighted the perpetual support the team receives from the fans, remarking on ‘persistent presence through even the darkest of years’. He also expressed his personal anticipation at seeing a re-emergence of the ‘Juve DNA’ and his hopes of the club achieving significant successes this year.

Switching his focus towards the Scudetto, Bernardeschi acknowledged the quality and depth of competitors Inter Milan. “The Nerazzurri have a stratospheric roster on paper and are complete,” he said, crediting the team’s international experience. But Bernardeschi was quick to remind everyone of Juventus’ unparalleled knack for outperforming its competition. “Juve have a DNA that not everyone has, perhaps no one. It will be a fierce fight until the end,” he added.

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