Bernardeschi Moving On from Juve? Another Team Shows Interest

Federico Bernardeschi has revealed his wishes to return to Italy. However, it seems less likely that he will be reunited with Juve, but another team is showing interest in him.

Lazio is keen on an offensive winger, seeking a solution to the absence of Pedro and Zaccagni due to less than ideal conditions and the non-renewal of Felipe Anderson’s contract. Consequently, Bernardeschi has been brought up as a potential target.

Luca Marchetti, while speaking to Sky Sport 24, shed light on the situation. He revealed that Bernardeschi, the former Juve player, “is an option for the Biancocelesti”. Among the factors working in their favour, Marchetti pointed out that Maurizio Sarri, the manager, already has a familiarity with the player.

The success of the deal hinges on Bernardeschi’s willingness to forfeit part of his lucrative contract with Toronto. The specifics of these financial considerations will undoubtedly become clearer in the coming discussions between the involved parties.

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