Bergomi on Milan’s title hopes and Serie A competitiveness

Giuseppe Bergomi, former player, has spoken to Sky Sport about the Serie A title race. According to Bergomi, “With the squad that Milan has, it can be competitive, but consistency also needs to be found in Serie A. In the Champions League, you always find something extra, and we’ll see if in the continuity of the league they can find the right way. Will Juventus be able to keep up with Inzaghi’s team after qualifying? Juventus has found enthusiasm again, especially at home the team plays a different style of football. Even though they haven’t been spectacular matches, they control the game, they are terribly solid, and have an important mental toughness that represents the coach’s mentality and Juventus’s history. And I believe that having only one competition can keep them at the top.” This was reported on Sky Sport.

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