Bergomi: Inter understandably tired, having played more matches than others

Former Inter defender, Giuseppe Bergomi, has weighed in on Inter’s recent performances in Serie A during an interview with Sky Sport.

Bergomi suggested that fatigue may be affecting the squad due to Inter having played more games compared to their rivals. He was quoted as saying, “It’s understandable that Inter might be a bit tired, they have played more games than the others.”

He strongly pointed out the performance of their forwards by noting, “The two forwards aren’t as good as the two regular starters, and this is critical.” This indicates his belief that the team’s performance levels are directly impacted by the form of their forwards.

Furthermore, Bergomi talked about the challenges Inter is facing with a view towards the continuation of their Champions League journey. “Inter must know how to withstand these moments, as they have to carry on with their Champions League campaign.”

His comments come ahead of a potentially daunting January period for Inter. As he noted, “The January period, in my opinion, will be the most difficult one. The Supercup will drain energy, with a tough Serie A game that will have to be played afterwards.”

Bergomi also provided an insight into the player tactics, specifically referring to Davide Frattesi, who according to Bergomi, doesn’t play in a full week, but is always put in by Simone Inzaghi if there are two fixtures in a week. In making these comments, Bergomi gives a glimpse into how the Inter manager approaches squad rotation and managing his players’ game time.

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