Bergomi: Inter always plays after Juventus, a response isn’t guaranteed

Giuseppe Bergomi, the Italian football pundit, has weighed in on the ongoing title race between Juventus and Inter Milan in the Serie A. He commented on Inter’s upcoming clash with Udinese in an interview with Sky Sport.

Bergomi was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t call it fear, but rather pressure. Inter always plays later, this is the fifth time they need to respond to Juventus and it’s not a given.” He went on to describe Udinese as a team with physical strength, speed and power.

In a dig towards Inter, Bergomi stated that “Udinese is easy to beat, they defeated Milan at home.” He warned Inter to be careful and read the situation accordingly, as well as maintain a strong defence – qualities he pointed out that Juventus exhibited in their games so far.

He ended his comments by labelling Inter’s face-off with Udinese as “a dangerous match.”

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