Benfica, Schmidt storms: If I am the problem, I will leave

Roger Schmidt, the coach of Benfica, spoke after the draw with Farense at Da Luz.

He suggested that he is willing to step aside if he is seen as the problem for the lack of wins, stating, “If the problem is me, if Benfica needs a coach who can make the substitutions that the fans want, there’s no problem, I leave and there will be someone who can replace me and perhaps even be better than before.”

Adding further to this, Schmidt stated with a tinge of resignation, “If the problem is me, I will give way to someone who can do a better job than me.”

These striking remarks came following a disappointing draw against Farense. The Benfica side, under Schmidt, have been facing scrutiny for a series of underwhelming performances. The frustration seems to be shared by the coach who seems prepared to step down if deemed necessary for the betterment of the team.

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