Bayern CEO: We will beat Lazio again at the Olimpico

In a recent statement, Jan-Christian Dreesen, CEO of Bayern Munich, expressed anticipation for their match against Lazio in the Champions League. The comments were made via the club’s official channels.

Dreesen said, “We are looking forward to this exciting match and the away game in Rome. We played Lazio three years ago in the knockout stages, but there were no spectators allowed for our 4-1 victory due to the pandemic. Now we can expect a full Stadio Olimpico.”

This statement indicates Dreesen’s enthusiasm for the upcoming match, reminiscing about their previous win against Lazio and the circumstances under which it occurred. More importantly, he emphasizes the difference in environment this time around, expressing anticipation for the potential of a populated Stadio Olimpico, which they did not experience due to Covid-19 restrictions during their previous encounter.

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