Bari, De Laurentiis: We don’t want to relegate, amid protestations

Bari’s president, Luigi De Laurentiis, has expressed concern over the club’s challenging situation. During a Christmas meeting with journalists, he voiced his thoughts about the team’s objectives for the season.

He stated, “Presidents who come to Bari ask me how it is possible that everything has been forgotten”. He acknowledged that high expectations from fans can lead to intense pressure on the players. De Laurentiis also admitted that the lack of fans’ support has an adverse impact on the players’ performance.

Regarding criticism aimed at him and his work at Bari, De Laurentiis showed his disappointment, “It pains me, as well as all those who work at Bari,” he said. Despite the adversities, he stressed that the club’s administration is doing their best to manage the situation every day.

De Laurentiis identified the necessity of achieving positive results for the club’s recovery, “How do we heal the fracture? With results.” He has made clear that destructive actions are not their ‘modus operandi’.

Financial transparency is a priority for the Bari president. He revealed that last year, operating costs for the club reached 24 million euros, which is a significant amount. He referenced an independent analysis affirming that between Napoli and Bari, where the same owners had been in charge, spending has been carefully managed for the benefit of the clubs’ sustainability.

He underlined that the club should be run sustainably, hinting at the potential need for minority investors to help the club rise to Serie A, without creating huge debt, “We do not work with debt, even though we are in the red. The idea is to be a sustainable Bari. I am aiming for sustainability to make the team attractive.”

De Laurentiis’ last words were a reassurance for fans fearing that the club might be relegated, “In the meantime, rest assured that we do not want to relegate Bari.”

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