Barcelona, Xavi in trouble? Individuals close to Guardiola criticise him

It’s a challenging time for Barcelona who are trailing 9 points behind Girona, the leaders of the Liga Leaderboard. The focus of criticism is on Barcelona’s coach Xavi, who some critics argue fails to measure up to the daunting comparison with Guardiola.

As reported by the Catalan radio station RAC 1, this unfavorable comparison is said to be creating a negative atmosphere for Xavi. Broadcasters on the station recently said, “It must be acknowledged that Barcelona fans are adept at creating battles and trenches. When things go wrong, everything worsens, and Barcelona’s current situation isn’t ideal. Xavi spends too much energy focusing on what is written or said about him. When you’re the coach of a team like this, you need to concentrate on your work.”

The broadcasters added, “However, there is a feeling among Xavi’s close contacts that those close to Guardiola are not offering help or criticism.” Supposedly, this lack of feedback is contributing to the pressure on the Barcelona coach.

This story suggests that the shadow of Guardiola’s success continues to loom large over Barcelona, creating a difficult environment for Xavi as he tries to navigate his team through this challenging period.

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