Balotelli predicts Sarri will be decisive for Lazio against Bayern Munich

Mario Balotelli, the forward for Adana Demirspor, has provided his predictions on the Champions League round of 16 tie between Lazio and Bayern Munich.

Speaking on TV Play, Balotelli shared his thoughts on Lazio’s chances.

He commented directly, “The Champions League draws? Lazio have to perform something of a miracle to get through the round against Bayern Munich. But there is hope because Sarri is a brilliant coach. Lazio will do everything to win, they will play the game of their lives and in football, anything can happen. The pressure will be all on the shoulders of Bayern.”

Balotelli acknowledged the transformative prowess such top tier teams exhibit, emphasising their ability to elevate their performance in key matches. He voiced that this Bayern isn’t invincible, though they are clear favorites for the next round.

He argued, “In games like these, there are those who excel in important matches and those who get caught up in fear.”

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