Balotelli criticises Dimarco for ‘absurd and rude’ celebration

Former AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli has voiced his opinion on Federico Dimarco’s controversial goal celebration during the Inter-Verona match in Serie A. Speaking to TV Play, Balotelli had strong views particularly about Dimarco’s celebration in front of Henery.

Balotelli criticized Dimarco’s action as inappropriate. “It’s absurd, people should not behave like that. No one should celebrate in someone else’s face,” he said. He recalled a similar incident involving himself and an opposing goalkeeper, but stated that he had not realized the nature of the situation at the time.

Balotelli also mentioned an occasion where Gennaro Gattuso celebrated a goal in front of Poulsen. “I adored Rino, but I disliked that gesture. In such cases, it is better to wait for the opponent in the locker room and settle the matter away from the cameras,” he added.

As a player known for his on-field zeal during his professional football career, Balotelli’s words carry weight. His comments have reinvigorated the ongoing discussion about sportsmanship and respect within the world of football.

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